Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Edgar J. Steele: the North Idaho Edgar J. Steele Story. Congressional Testimony: Cyndi Steele to Bill Windsor of Lawless America regarding Edgar Steele Idaho Attorney Framed by Idaho Corruption.

Cyndi Steele Congressional Testimony Regarding the North Idaho Edgar Steele Story.

".. web site directly addresses the arrest of Edgar J. Steele and his evolving legal battle regarding a “murder-for-hire plot” he is alleged to have undertaken.  Those involved with the content of this site have a keen interest in facts, truth, information gathering and – ultimately – the support and complete exoneration of Mr. Steele leading to a swift release from incarceration.

In the spirit of an America conceived as a Constitutional Republic, endowing free speech and fair, impartial justice upon its citizens, we must all rise from the sidelines to stand with, and for a fellow citizen.  Many believe the America of 2010 – the “great experiment in government” – has run its course and now has devolved into a megalomanical oligarchy, fearful of and abusive to citizens like Mr. Steele. "

Support of North Idaho's Edgar J. Steele



"The starting point of concern occurred on June 11, 2010 when Mr. Steele was arrested for suspicion of intent to arrange for the murder of his wife and mother-in-law.  Much of the current knowledge on this case has been gleaned from the print and broadcast media of north Idaho and eastern Washington state.  Aggressive negative bias against Mr. Steele is found in nearly every news report thus far issued. The reader is advised to take general media output with more than a grain of salt."

Source of Edgar J. Steele Information

".. a one-stop location for Edgar’s writings. If installment have been updated by him, they will be posted here. "


Edgar J. Steele definitive non-fiction work “Defensive Racism” is now available!  Please visit www.defensiveracism.com "


Free Edgar J. Steele Videos for More Information

Idaho Anti-Corruption - Free Edgar Steele

Idaho Free Speech.  Make a Stand Against Corruption in Idaho

Edgar Steele Interview

Free Edgar Steele, Click Here for More Information

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