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Zyprexa: Steve Bullock Eli LIlly - Who is Steve Bullock Montana Protecting? Vote NO on Steve Bullock for Governor. Steve Bullock for Montana Governor, Say NO.

"Steve Bullock took the makers of the drug Zyprexa, Eli Lilly to court for pressuring doctors in Montana to prescribe the medication outside of its tested, and approved parameters in 2007.    Why are physicians who did this misconduct not sanctioned by the Montana Attorney General?
[it due to certain people being protected in Montana--At Steve Bullock's choice]"

"The Drug manufacturer Eli-Lilly was the defendant in this case, who made this same mistake of pushing its anti-psychotic drug for other medical treatment.  See this blog post for more:"

"The whistle was blown long before Montana's 2007 suit; about Zyprexa, Steve Bullock merely jumped on the easy money train.  No Montana official expected anyone to uncover the fact Bullock stole millions in public money for his Attorney General Office in Montana with Mike McGrath, the 2007 Attorney General.  My previous site which published this information, was ordered down by Steve Bullock's prosecutor in Ravalli County: George Corn [].


In 2007 the Chicago Times said McGrath is guilty of the same crime Mike Nifong was: saying someone was guilty when the DNA proved innocence.  Mike Nifong went to jail, and was disbarred; Mike McGrath was elected chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court:

Steve Bullock made threat to livelihood, protected the unsupervised (and therefore in criminal contempt) law student Angela Wetzsteon with our public funds: instead of protecting the public.
Montana Supreme Court case DA-10-0492

Steve Bullock's secret: he uses public funds, and steals public funds (protect unlawful law student).

The threat to livelihood can be seen at "Recall Bullock" online or:

The biggest scam in Montana history is Steve Bullock.  He has no problem abusing public funds, stealing them, hiding the improper use of them, and NOT protecting the public.  The victims of the Zyprexa lawsuit did not get benefited from the mental health trust fund: they were not mental health patients.  Some did develop diabetes, and other complications.  

The Montana Zyprexa settlement with Eli Lilly was for $14M in 2007.  Bullock and McGrath took $4M for the Montnaa DOJ, and the Mental Health trust got $9M, although it is unclear how that actually helps Montanans now.  Montana Mental health has been without doctors, and Montana faces a shortage of Clinicians per cover stories from the Missoula Independent; so what is Steve Bullock's $9M trust fund benefiting, his unlawful campaign for Montana governor?  Who will investigate the $4M "court cost" for a cookie cutter copycat lawsuit?  Will the public see that Steve Bullock is all about money and power?

Here is Steve Bullock's pretext: He's not about the money, but uses the public's resources unlawfully.

Steve Bullock for Governor: fraudulent use of public funds: Zyprexa, Wetzsteon, un-declared Campaign.  Steve Bullock does not protect victims in Montana, he makes more of them.

Vote No on Steve Bullock November 2012.

[this post does not endorse a candidate, it exposes Steve Bullock]"

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