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Is Kashmir Hill One of those Legal Journalists? Does Kashmir Hill Call Both Sides, Take Them Notes and Get that hard hitting News? Got a Tip on Kashmir Hill ?

Well this "Unhinged" Blogger says that Kashmir Hill is Not Legally Media as Kashmir Hill did not Call Both Sides, Get the Facts on what blogs I own, prove that was a real email, nor did Kashmir Hill seem to verify any of her alleged facts. Yet Kashmir Hill is considered a Journalist and I am Not?
Did Kashmir Hill just believe Oregon Multi-Millionaire and Financial Powerhouse Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group or did Kashmir Hill talk to David Aman of Tonkon Torp and get some good old fashioned heresay?
Does Kashmir Hill really believe that Obsidian Finance Group is the Good Guys?  If so, how did Kashmir Hill come to this conclusion?  Did Kashmir Hill dig deep and investigate, or did she rely on one source, the word of Obsidian Finance Group?
Kashmir Hill  sure seems to jump to alot of conclusions.  Guess Kashmir Hill is not liable for trash talking me, cuz she is the "Real" News and is Accredited and All.  So does Kashmir Hill have the capability to Edit? Shall I demand a Retraction from Kashmir Hill, though that would never work, for the wrong story is rampant due to "unethically" alleged "journalism".

So does Kashmir Hill have investigating Skills and Will Kashmir Hill of Forbes, a Blogger, it Seems dubbed a Journalist, with full rights of Free Speech that I, an independent blogger, am denied, does Kashmir Hill plan on investigating the alleged crimes, conflicts of interests, depositions, court cases, videos, documents, and tons of other sources showing that Obsidian Finance Group may not be so squeaky clean?  Or is Kashmir Hill just going to take their word for it all and call it news?

Kashmir Hill defends Obsidian Finance Group and instead of sticking to the facts of the case she goes into other businesses and services I provide which are not illegal to provide, and thousands of other companies Do.
Kashmir Hill know that some of the biggest PR Companies in the world now offer Search Engine Reputation Management Services? Does Kashmir Hill know that Search Engine Reputation Management services are recommended by google and does Kashmir Hill know that Reputation Management is big business and legitimate business.  Does Kashmir Hill know that I also sell a Supplement that Dissolves Artery Plaque and I have offered that to my Readers, Clients, and All who Email me, even the Plaintiff's Attorney?  Is it illegal to offer other businesses and services just because I expose corruption?  Is it really that wrong, to be open to promoted somebody that I once did a story on?  Has Kashmir Hill looked at all sides of all of this?

Does Kashmir Hill know that on her news feeds there are ads for all kinds of services, and some of them Forbes Supplies?  Does Kashmir Hill ask the question if it's unethical for the National Association of Realtors, for example to pimp out ad space for lenders, banks, home warranty companies, title companies and related industries. Or does Kashmir Hill think that as an Internet Marketing Expert, I am to only offer one specific service and make no money at any other business?

Kashmir Hill should look at and, those sites put information up and take money I hear for removing it and most of it never comes down.  Point the finger where you need to Kashmir Hill , what ever distracts from the Corruption in the US Bankruptcy Courts.  I challenge you Kashmir Hill to actually look into really investigating Obsidian Finance Group, I bet you find something somewhere that makes you wonder if these are really the "Good Guys".

Kashmir Hill, did you research other news in your "Media" category and see what they had said about this so called Ponzi Scheme, was it really a Ponzi?  Did you even research that or just blather it all "unhinged" from the words of a very angry man, who I believe is guilty of fraud, corruption and collusion?  

Does Kashmir Hill care about a story, as a paid journalist by the "Establishment" or does Kashmir Hill care about getting the real story by actually reading, studying documents, watching videos and getting a true handle on the real story that is being reported by ME.  Ya, sometimes Kashmir Hill I am all unhinged, and had you been through what I have in the Summit Bankruptcy, you may a bit "Unhinged" too, at times, so what.  The Facts are still the Facts, dig deep, and find the Truth about your Buddy Kevin Padrick and the Gang at Obsidian Finance Group.  

Kashmir Hill, you could join the Bloggers Vs. Journalist Challenge, the Challenge to actually investigative Kevin Padrick for real, and not just use private emails, and trash talk to prove some ominous point.  Check out - and get started with some indepth reporting for real on the Truth about Obsidian Finance Group. 

So, Yes Kashmir Hill I now offer Search Engine Reputation Management Services, so do thousands of others, I recommend all have it.  So does Google and many others, research that industry, its big business and a needed business and boy if its illegal thousands are doing it, you are sure going to be busy Kashmir Hill , in your hard hitting uncovering of all their businesses and whether its legal or not. 

Many of the Top PR Companies in Old Media now claim to Offer Search Engine Reputation Management, well Kashmir Hill if thats illegal you best get on investigating that entire industry.

Hey Kashmir Hill is it legal to post a private email between me and anyone without my permission, oh ya your a "journalist" Kashmir Hill  and you Kashmir Hill are protected by all those fancy laws that protect the so called "real Media". And for Kashmir Hill, the facts don't need to be uncovered, she gets to defame me, trash talk me, and say whatever she wants. See Kashmir Hill is one of them thar "Real Journalists".

Gee if only I had the education of Kashmir Hill and then I to would be a real journalist and have no liablity with flat out lying, misquoting, posting "facts" that are not true and basically yammering in defense of a large Oregon Corporation that is ruining lives, creating victims and has no accountability. 

Let's do some "Journalism" on Kashmir Hill .  Let's investigate and report on Kashmir Hill  and let's have some of her private emails to post.  Email your Kashmir Hill private emails tp me at 
Email photos of Kashmir Hill, videos, documents involving Kashmir Hill.  I want everything on Kashmir Hill, because I am a Journalist you See. And ya I have about a dozen other businesses I do, thats how it is in 2011 and how it is doing business on the World Wide Web. 

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Kashmir Hill ?
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