Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Foley and Lardner Law Firm involved in Massive Shareholder Fraud in iViewit Technology Theft.

Foley and Larder Patent Attorney Committ Massive Fraud and is Protected by US Courts.

"William J. Dick - foley and lardner - Virginia state bar rebuttal - it is interesting to note that dick in his response to the the vsb sends a portfolio patent docket that the united states patent & trademark office says has some false & misleading information contained in - such as certain patents that the company has no rights, title or interests in. the vsb refuses phone calls to re-investigate based on this information that has led to uspto and federal investigations of the matters.

In the dick exhibits you will see how iviewit got dicked around as the evidence appears that there are two sets of patents with similar names and different inventors. iviewit does not attest to these documents as factual representations of the original filings as much document tampering has occurred on the patent documents. "

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Judith Kaye - Ex. Supreme Court Judge who Protected Proskauer Rose Law Firm for Her Special Interests and her Husband WAS a partner (Stephen Kaye) - and her formoer Clerk and Co-Concpirator Steven Kaye WAS also at Proskauer Rose LLP. Well Judith Kaye USE to Work with William Dick at IBM... the Conflicts of Interest KEEP Rolling out on the Iviewt Stolen Patent.

Foley &; Lardner – Doug Boehm, Steven Becker Bill Dick + Brain Utley Patent Crimes

Exhibit 1 – Case of inventor fraud perpetrated with I View It Counsel and Brian Utley

Exhibit 2 – How to claim others ideas as your own

Exhibit 7 – Case of Switching Inventors

Exhibit 9 – More on the Case of Walking Patents out of I View It and to your home

Exhibit 10 – Case of the Mismatched File Numbers on filed patent documents aka the cover-up

Exhibit 11 – Case of the changing patent titley

Exhibit 12 – Smudges & Fudges on 57013-112 and how to add your name to inventions that were invented without you

Exhibit 14 – Case of changing fonts again

Exhibit 16 – Case of bad math from an “engineer” and two certified engineers at Foley and Lardner, this is hours before filing, and the inventors have never seen these documents

Exhibit 20 – Cleaning up the mess of Utley Folly’s with Foley

Exhibit 22 – Another case of adding oneself to inventions one did not invent

Exhibit 33 – What happens to 57103/101

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