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David Carr, New York Times: Take A Deeper Look at What the New York Times, David Carr and Forbes is Saying and Support the Victims and NOT the Criminals.

Do Not Simply Believe the New York Times, David Carr and Forbes because they are bigger then me, and more Established.  David Carr of the New York Times has an agenda to keep down New Media and David Carr of the New York Times has an Agenda to keep Woman in their place.

David Carr of the New York Times and Kashmir Hill of Forbes Seem to think it prudent to NOT print my side of the story regarding the now "infamous" email.  And David Carr and Kashmir Hill have no accountability, and David Carr keeps attacking my character though a Judge and Jury already has "punished" me.  Why?  Is David Carr the Eye for an Eye Police? Well this is to attack all bloggers, and to avoid doing research on the real story, of the real crimes. David Carr is a Lazy, Ignorant Journalist.

David Carr and Kashmir Hill get to claim protection under laws that don't apply to bloggers.  So David Carr and Kashmir Hill can legally say what they want about me, set me up, post flat out lies and have no accountability, as they demand accountability from me. Of which a Judge and Jury has already handed out.

David Carr and Kashmir Hill simply take the word of Kevin Padrick and his Attorney David Aman, who were both involved in the Summit Bankruptcy.  David Carr and Kashmir Hill need to discredit me so that my accusations are not taken serious.  Thing is the Department of Justice, FBI, and all other authorities ignore the real details of the bankruptcy courts and guys like Kevin Padrick have no oversight what so ever, even though they claimed they did. The Summit Bankruptcy should be VOID from the Start.  Kevin Padrick worked for the company that went bankrupt to help them Form a Plan of Reorganization, this is a signed contract between Summit and Obsidian Finance Group and then Kevin Padrick was a Trustee working on the other side, against them.

David Carr and Kashmir Hill seem to NOT want to Read anything and claim that Kevin Padrick has no one else that has had an issue with him, and has not been in any other similar situation.  The Truth is the Summit Bankruptcy had an Objection to the Fees filed by several insiders, in this there were emails between the Department of Justice Trustee, between David Aman and Robert Opera - one of the attorneys involved and Opera suggested issues of deferred gain, there was also tax exhibits and tons more and I had read this over and over, it was a public document and had been online for years, the court would not accept this as a source even though it was a source and that was the truth.  The Truth seemed to be irrelevant.  Here is the Objection to the Fees in the Summit Bankruptcy.
..has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Internal Emails In the Objection to Fees, has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

eMails between Jeanette ThomasPerkins Coie and Mark Neuman Summit
... has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

David Aman, Tonkon Torp was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy and in my Case David Aman represented Kevin Padrick to not only defend Obsidian and silence me, but also to protect Tonkon Torp Law Firm and their Involvement.  David Aman had knowledge of deferred gain issues and ignored it.

Here is the Deposition of Summit Principal Mark Neuman
...has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Here is the Contract Obsidian Finance Had with Summit, the Debtor BEFORE they HAD to go bankrupt, AFTER calling Obsidian Fnance Group, Kevin Padrick to Help them so they did not have to go bankrupt.
.... has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Below is a Meeting in Video, of Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group with Summit, who later became the Debtor and Kevin Padrick later became the Trustee working against his own client, Kevin is on the far Right.
...has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Other Documents of Source ... has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Kevin Padrick Rejecting Offers...has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Summit Press Release...has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

Also a Third Party Blog was My Source and the Judge said that was irrelevant, as I was responsible for if it was true and all bloggers do that.  My case a perfect example, thousands of you reposted the Seattle weekly article and it had information that was WRONG.  Your all liable under this judgement.  Third Party blogs are protected but not for me.

David Carr ignores that HomeStreet Bank in Washington filed an Objection to the Fees Against Kevin Padrick also, with Claims of Conflicts with Miller Nash and Over Billing, Summit is not an Isolated case and none of it was my story.

Lake County Oregon has a Group to Fight Back and Obsidian Finance Group is at the center of this battle, here is one of the letters from the Oregon Solar Development Battles.
...has David Carr and Kashmir Hill read any of the documents?

I Told Their Story, it Was not My Story. I wanted to get them heard and to protect others it was or may happen to in the future. David Carr and Kashmir Hill have NOT read any of the documents? Nor does David Carr and Kashmir Hill have any interest in the facts, truth or my side.  David Carr and Kashmir Hill will be sued by me, Pro Se Blogger Crystal Cox Soon, as David Carr and Kashmir Hill are protecting the Criminals and Protecting the Foothold of Big Media and I DO NOT APPROVE.

Here was my Statement of Source NOT allowed into the Trial

Here is the Trial Documents I Gave to Show the Source of that One Blog Post

So instead of Investigating the Crimes I write about ,and there are tons, they investigate me.  They are scouring my bank accounts, calling my clients, setting me up for alleged criminal activity and basically sending a lynch mob after me, and nothing I can do really but wait for it.  As David Carr continues his rampages to discredit me and even have me a lesson for teens to talk about in New York Schools, all the while Ignoring my side of the story even though he talked to me.  And David Carr ignores that I am not the one accusing Kevin Padrick of these Indiscretions and action, I am simply writing about those who are.

There will be much more on other people, companies that have issue with Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group at the Link Below, I will add more over time, though David Carr says I am the only one with a Beef regarding Kevin Padrick and Summit. I have tons of documents and information, have for YEARS.

...David Carr and Kashmir Hill have NOT done their Homework, and have defamed me, accused me of criminal activity and posted false information on an email that was between TWO Attorneys, I was Pro Se.. You Will get to defend this in court .. David Carr and Kashmir Hill ..

Quantum Case in this Same Court

Conflict of Interest Form that Judge Hernandez Refused OVER and OVER to Sign in my case

The Tiffany Craig Case, Yet for Me None of this Applied

This Blog was online and still is

There is lots more information on Summit then Me, I simply got their story found in the search engines.  I hope to Sue Forbes and the New York Times for Endangering my Life and Defamation.  As regarding their version of that email they are accusing me of a crime, giving me no Criminal Attorney and not posting my side.  There were surrounding emails and it was a "Cease Fire" "Negotiation" between 2 attorneys as I was Pro Se.  There is lots more to it.  However David Carr and Kashmir Hill are protected to ruin my life further and gather a lynch mob for something the "bad guy" told them happened, that did not happen quite that way. 

Summit Bankruptcy Filing

More Documents of the Case Will be at 

Also to Examine in depth Every mistake that David Carr has ever possibly made, mis-quotes, flat out lies, inspiring a lynch mob, ruining lives without facts and more.. Coming Soon..

Note:  Any documents you cannot find on this page and want email me  My main source was the Objection to the Fees in Summit and Mark Neuman, Summit Principals Deposition if you want those and can't find them email me.  I was always telling the victims story and the angle David Carr of the New York Times is Running With, as Well as Forbes is FLAT Wrong. I will also soon be posting my story in an easier to understand format, also I will be making demands of the New York Times and Forbes, and at some point file lawsuits against them. I have tons of information, videos and documents if you want the Truth or you can just run with Forbes and New York Times, but remember even if I was guilty of a crime, which I am not, but if I was, then how would that have anything to do with if that post was true or NOT?

Think for Yourself.

Do your Homework.

.. NEVER Ever Believe the discriminating illiterat David Carr and Kashmir Hill ..

Crystal L. Cox
a Big Fan of Reading..
Investigative Blogger..

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