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Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Montana Prosecutor - County Attorney CORRUPT and Discriminating.

Sean Boushie, the Man I Claimed Threatened to Kill ME, Seems to Have a PRIVATE Access To Lincoln County Court Documents, WHY?

How Does Sean Boushie Get access to Complaints Filed with Lincoln County Attorney BernieCassidy?

Is it Officer Maury McKinney that Gets these Court Documents to Sean Boushie?

Does the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Give Sean Boushie these Legal Documents ?? .. YET Refused to Give My Attorney a Complaint Filed By Sean Boushie, that He Received an Email to an Email Account that Threatened to Kill Me.

Why Does Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy Still Refuse to Give me a Copy of this Complaint that Proves who My Aggressor was / is?

This Complaint taken in August of 2009 that PROVED who had access to the Email Account that emailed me a Death Threat? Talk about Discrimination, Cover Ups, Defamation and Life Endangerment by Lincoln County Officials. I Will Soon Be Requesting this Document Again and With the FBI behind me this time, Enough is Enough.

The Following is From Sean Boushie's Blog on Me, about a Complaint to the Lincoln County Courts. A Complaint that Proves His Guilt, yet has been Ignored by the FBI, the University of Montana Police, the Missoula Police, the Hamilton Police, the Lincoln and Ravalli County Judicial System and the State of Montana..



I, Stephen Mocko, being duly sworn, do state upon my oath that I have personal knowledge that I have good reason to believe and do believe based upon the following information:

On or about the night of August 19, 2009 I was forwarded an email by Crystal Cox. In that email it contained a death threat, inflammatory comments against her sexual orientation, and slander against her career, directed at Crystal Cox. I had noticed that the senders email address was

Crystal then informed me that it was from a Sean Boushie but could not get any proof. I then took it upon myself to write an email to this in a threatening manner in the hopes to get this threatener to reveal their identity.

At this point I did not know it was a Sean Boushie. The next day I got a reply message from an email address by

I had no knowledge that this was the Sean Boushie that Crystal Cox had told me about.In that fact how did this get my email address of to send a reply?

On the morning of August 28, 2009 at 8.57am, Pacific Standard Time, I received a call from Officer Maury McKinney from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department.

Officer McKinney asked if I had sent an email to a Sean Boushie. He did not ask if I had sent an email to the email address He then proceeded to read the letter I wrote to

There was one question that came to my mind.

How did he get that email?

Only Sean Boushie, who filed my letter that was sent with Officer McKinney, could have written that threatening and slanderous email against Crystal Cox.

Attached hereto as exhibit A. This is circumstantial evidence according to 26-1-102(1) Montana Code Annotaded 2009, that Sean Boushie did in fact write the threats on her life, and purposely caused Crystal Cox to omit her performance of her daily life with the fear that Sean Boushie will carry out his threat on her life.

and I charge that heretofore, and before the making and filing of this complaint, on or before the ____ day of ___________, _____, in the19 Judicial District court, County of Lincoln and the State of Montana, Sean Boushie , did then and there unlawfully and willfully violate Section 45-5-203 Montana Code Annotated, a Forcible felony defined by 45-3-101(2) Montana Code Annotated, against the peace and dignity of the State. "

Source of Above..


Sean Boushie Still claims I Emailed the Vulgar Threat to Myself, and that I Used a Proxy..hmmm.. Well the Email said the Same sentences as a Blog Sean Boushie had about me at the Time and sentences Sean Boushie posted on a "Great Realty" site Review about me.. Ravalli and Lincoln County Courts have had proof of that for near two years now..

So the Man I accused of Sending Me a Death Threat, Says I emailed it to myself.. yet he files a Police Complaint against a Man who sends an Email to the VERY Account that sent me the Death Threat ( ) Saying that the man who sent the email, StephenMocko sent it to Him and threatened him.

How did Sean Boushie get that Email if He Does not Control, or have access to the Yahoo Email account - ?????

And Sean Boushie Responds to that the Threatening Email Sent, he responds FROM his University of Montana Work Email - this is ALL easily proven and Ignored By ALL Montana Official I have listed on my Montana Corruption Story at - So he responds from his University of Montana Work Email .. (Stephen Mocko's then eMail) how did Sean Boushie know that this was Stephen Mocko's email - another proof that he had access .

To This Day Lincoln County Cops, Officials, Judges AND Ravalli
County Cops, Officials, Judges IGNORE all of this INFORMATION and I am continued to be threatened, Harassed, endangered and Defamed.

Sean Boushie's Hatred for His Father in Law Paul Stramer, has Nothing to Do with me... and Had Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy not Blocked my defamation lawsuit, Sean Boushie would be Liable for way more then his Eureka Montana Property is worth.. Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy and Ravalli County Judge Robin Clute, as Well as Eureka Montana JP Stormy Langston all have Proof of Who Sent me that Death Threat, who defamed me and ruined my Real Estate Business... Yet they without this information From me.. YET Somehow Sean Boushiein Ravalli County Montana seems to have access to court documents filed with Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy by Stephen Mocko.. .interesting..

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