Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time Warner Inc., Turner Broadcasting System Loves Reading the SEC Complaint Naming them in the iViewit Technology Theft

Time Warner Shareholders are being lied to and seriously misled as Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros. , AOL Executes hid a Massive Liability that they have known about for over a Decade, in the case of the 13 Trillion Dollar Stolen Technology.

Phone Calls with Time Warner general counsel as recent as Spring 2010 and still Jeffrey Bewkes nor Time Warner has come clean with the Time Warner Shareholders as to their Liability in the FACT that Time Warner has contracts with the iViewit Technology inventors and have violated these contracts .. these binding agreements for over a decade.

Click Below to Listen To Conversations with Time Warner General Counsel and iViewit Founder and One of the iViewit Technology Inventors Eliot Bernstein.

Time Warner Inc. , Warner Bros. Well they have very good court connection can easily buy off judges all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. How else would a Major Company such as Time Warner Inc. or a Corrupt CEO such as Jeffrey Bewkes be able to hold off a 13 Trillion Dollar Liability to the Time Warner Shareholders, Warner Bros. Shareholders, and AOL Shareholders.

Jeffrey Bewkes Time Warner Inc. must have some major connection withing the SEC protecting him as well. See it is NOT a matter of IF Jeffrey Bewkes and Time Warner Inc. is Guilty, see they Flat out are GUILTY, there are Signed agreements and over 1200 documents of proof and still somehow Jeffrey Bewkes and Time Warner Inc., as well as AOL .. well they seem to be able to ignore Disclosing to Time Warner Shareholders and to avoid paying iViewit Technologies as well as Shockingly avoid Indictments, makes no sense UNLESS Jeffrey Bewkes and Time Warner Inc. paid off the Dept. Of Justice, the SEC, Supreme Court Judges, the SEC and more players in this Massive Shareholder Fraud Scheme.

So in effort to Hide this Time Warner Shareholders, Turner Broadcasting is Working Double time to read my blogs and well for some reason they sure do LOVE to Read the iViewit Technology - Eliot Bernstein SEC Complaint that NAMES them..

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So Flattering.. Turner Broadcasting System actually
searches - Hanging on my every Word..

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Turner Broadcasting System, AOL, Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. Shareholders YOU will SOON pay Billions Each for what Jeffrey Bewkes, Turner Broadcasting System, AOL, Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. has known about for over a decade. Time for Accountability, but too bad the Shareholders and Investors of Turner Broadcasting System, AOL, Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. will be the ones paying the price.

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