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Hamilton Montana Police, Perry Backus Ravalli Republic, and My Day in Hamilton Montana Seeking Justice.

August 21st 2009 - the Day I Went to Hamilton Montana to Get a Protective Order.

After This Clip, we Were met outside by 6 Hamilton Montana Police Officers. Only one was concerned with why I came there, with real justice and real facts. The Other 5 simply cornered, questioned and harassed Michael Spreadbury Whom I had just met in person the Night Before.

Not one of those Hamilton Montana Police Officers investigated my case, and one cop from Stevensville did take me aside and give me advice... however it was like it was helping me in secret, for he said this was in the Hamilton Courts and Hamilton Cops Jurisdiction...

See the Point of 6 cops showing up and within minutes was to Discredit Michael Spreadbury to protect the Wall of Corruption in Hamilton Montana and the point was NOT to help Montana Victims seeking Justice with Hamilton Montana Police, Hamilton Montana Judges, and Hamilton Montana Courts.

Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper showed up within minutes, NO one was interested in why I was there or what was really going on, the 6 cops and Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper were interested in harassing Michael Spreadbury.

See My Death Threat Talked of Tons of Bullets, and Guns.. and all kinds of horrible threats and not just to me but other Montana Citizens, and in the Best Interest of Ravalli County Tax Payers and all of Montana, those 6 Hamilton Montana Police Officers should have took a good look at my threat, which in minutes with a fax to google, yahoo or the other proof I brought.. . they could have tracked the Source.. but the motive of those 6 Hamilton Montana Police Officers and of Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper was to shut up, discredit, silence, create a fake story on Michael Spreadbury. Why? Well because Michael Spreadbury, protect supposedly under Montana Media Laws, well he was writing on the Corruption in the Hamilton Police Department, Corruption in the Ravalli County Attorny Office and Corruption within the Hamilton Montana Justice system as a Whole. And my Constitutional Rights or those 6 Hamilton Montana Police Officers doing their actual job was not what they were there for. And it was certainly not the Story that Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper was looking for.

My Death Threat, My Wanting a Protective Order had Nothing to Do with Michael Spreadbury. I went to Hamilton Montana because the Man I feared lived there ... I went to film the Denny Rehberg Listening Session, I went to Interview for the Documentary Beneath the Beauty - Yet
those 6 Hamilton Montana Police Officers made My Story out to be all about this man I had just met, all because he was telling their dirty little secrets on the Internet.

I Called Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper, a couple hours after I left the Court House and told him not to print anything before he got my side of the story. Once Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper got my side, nothing was printed as the Point of Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper was to get something incriminating on Michael Spreadbury and was not to actually write the real news that would affect Hamilton Montana Citizens. Though you all had a right to know..

I will One Day Post some Video Clips from that Day.. See from the Clip above.. Michael Spreadbury did not say much, basically he just gave me a ride from the Denny Rehberg listening session as I was interested in his story and wanted to visit him.. it certainly exploded into something far stranger that I had ever anticipated..

Much More on my Day In Hamilton Montana Coming Soon.. and 3 Weeks after this Day, I HAD to go back to Hamilton Montanan as Justice of the Peace, Robin Clute GAVE an Illegal - Not Based in Fact or Law - Protective Order to The Man I feared, against ME..

Also Note that Protective Orders are NOT Mutual In the State of Montana. And that the Discriminating Constitutional Rights Violating, Woman Hating, Good Ol' Gal Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace, Robin Clute gave a Man I was deathly afraid of a Protective Order against me... and Did not even have the Human Decency to make it a Mutual Protective order Thereby Enabling the Man I feared to Ruin my Career,harass me, threatened me for 17 more months and counting... 12 of those months protected by the Corrupt, Illegal - NOT Based in Montana Law Corruptive Order by Justice of the Peace, Robin Clute

Also Note here that I asked Justice of the Peace, Robin Clute in court that day of my hearing if she wanted to see the paperwork, Hamilton Montana District Judge, Judge Haynes gave me on all the Reasons BASED in Montana Law that he denied my Protective Order, She YELLED.. "This is My Court and I don't Care What Judge Haynes has to Say"... Soon I will post clips as I recorded that Hearing... ( All Montana Courts should Be a Court of Record by the Way - What are they Hiding if Not ?)

More Coming Soon on this Story, as it is a Classic Example, a Perfect model of what happens to Montana Victims of Montana Corruption all over the State...

You have a Right to NOT have your Constitutional Rights Violated, you Have a Right to expect that Montana Judges, Montana Attorneys and Montana Law Enforcement will abide by the Laws of the State of Montana. You have a Right to Transparency, Integrity, Fact ... from your Montana Judicial System.

posted here by
the Montana News Media
by The People, for the People
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger....

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