Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mahar: an axe to grind

Who will stop a person who brings in $75,000 a year in Ravalli County, and so does his wife?  A civil rights suit did make a mark, but when a county owns the press, and not many people make it to the Federal Courthouse in Missoula, not many people know this fact.

I went, I read, and I understood the maliciousness of Geoff Mahar of Ravalli County.

In court on Wednesday mornings, Mr. Mahar makes sure to stop people from working, sometimes stopping child support in the process, for "dangerous" people in their 20's...who arent dangerous.

One day, Mr. Mahar took it upon himself to belittle a person on the stand not much more than aged 18.  This is how our highly paid public servants terrorize Ravalli County taxpayers....who pay his salary.

The balance is this.....Mr. Mahar ran for county attorney several times....and lost.  Many have said Mr. Corn was invincible; perhaps: but our new law enforcement chief won during his first attempt.  He ran on civil rights....something that has been erased from the minds of public Corns regime.

Mr. Mahar must first think of protecting the public, which does not need it...and mostly to those who are being rehabilitated...and give them a chance to change; and not after too much time in jail, and spending all of their money on supervision and fines.

Mr. Fulbright has to cut costs, one way is to cut Mr. Mahar benefits the budget, and his quest to preserve, and uphold Constitutional rights.  Is your job safe Mr. Mahar?

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