Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prosecute George H. Corn - Ravalli County Attorney for Murder

In true hypocritical fashion, the Ravalli County Attorney has wanted to prosecute the 43rd president for Murder for the war in Iraq.

Isn't it a psychological strategy to shine the light on something else to take light off of your own issues, and possibly criminal behavior? I believe it is called "wagging the dog".

Don't get me wrong, I've read the book which made the case that any county atty could prosecute the matter with respect to George W. Bush....and its compelling. Seems like George Corn signed on as the partisan prosecutor for the Democratic Party in Ravalli County.

Not many people know George Corn is a Democrat, in a very conservative valley and state. Deceptiveness is the first key to criminal behavior. Making allies and alliances within the entities in the Bitterroot valley makes sure he is never questioned, and never loses...even if he is wrong.

In 2005 his "outreach" and services to his constituents went overboard. Judges, on his command such as Justice Robin Clute (his former employee) turned up the heat, and violated citizens rights to reasonable bail. The US Constitution is the silent enemy here, judges hate the 8th Amendment right to reasonable bail. It gets in the way of Corns agenda.

Reasonable for Robin Clute is to follow all orders of George Corn. Usually, this is called being an accomplice; we'll indict Robin Clute for conspiracy to murder. Ignorance to the US Constitution is not an affirmative defense available for JP Clute; neither is stupidity.

The New York Times investigated the suicide rate in the county (twice national average) and the four accomplished in the Ravalli County Detention Center in 2005. Excessive bail was deemed the reason for the suicides. They came from Clute who did not alter or examine the requests from George Corn. When the justice system has no checks against each other, catastrophe happens. When Corn needs to destroy people to feel powerful, we are his subjects, and the local justice system his employees and conspirators.

An example in 2010 of the ludicrous requests: $200,000 for conspiracy to assault with pot in possession. No shooting, no vehicular homicide, no rape. Clute went with Corn's office suggestion. Can stupidity, and arrogance lead to murder? Just ask OJ Simpson.

The Ravalli County Attorney office has no rival, no conscience, no law, nor the US Constitution. We, the people need to understand the deception (The Ravalli Republic Newspaper), the problem...Robin Clute, George Corn, and the a person that can reject the Ravalli County Attorney Office and Corn....Justice Nancy Sabo.

Corn and his conspirators who take away our rights, use law enforcement to intimidate us need to be stopped. He is murdering our rights, he contributed to the murder of 4 inmates, and countless lives altered, and destroyed in Ravalli County...for his ego.

Watch one of Corn's deputies in the courthouse sometime. Always being right, always getting your way leads to brats, and dangerous public officials. Corn has bullied commissioners, for any budget he wanted; he has disallowed citizens their right to vote, and petition our government. This is the Declaration of Independence from George Corn, a man who has taken personal pleasure in making lives unnecessarily difficult. Many voices are out there with this same story about George H. Corn Ravalli County Attorney since 1991. Now is the time to be telling your story to your neighbors and friends....they will get around before the election.

His friends such as Max Baucus and Steve Bullock cannot influence your vote. Baucus has helped to keep Corn in office for 20 years. There is evidence that Corn should be indicted for Murder, more so than a President who enjoys complete immunity from liability. Mr. Corn only enjoys a system he alone controls in the Bitterroot, and his liability protection stops at reasonable actions, and knowing that violating rights will make the buck stop at him. Corn may be more of a liability than any publicity from the 2005 suicides.

Voters can hold George Corn accountable on November 2, 2010. Others of us can hold him accountable for how unreasonable he has been with our rights. The dead can haunt him for being so arrogant. Lets let him be as arrogant as he wants, but not on our Payroll in Ravalli County. George H. Corn has murdered thoughts and dreams, and made it seem like it was the Public's or the individuals fault. The former Detainees know the truth: Corn led the justice system that violated their rights and made them give up. Lets change the judicial system with one vote: NOT FOR CORN.

The commissioners must be willing to stand up to Corn. None have. that is for another entry.

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