Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Steve Bullock outviewed in 2012 Governor race

Scoreboard Hill 23,000 Bullock 1,600

For the Montana Governor election, it is telling to look at the Youtube viewers for this race in 2012.  The highest video viewership Steve Bullock has is 1,600 views.

Here is Steve Bullock trying to be Old Fashioned.

On the other hand, Rick Hill has has a viewership of over 23,000 people for the following video about creating jobs and moving forward:

So I am not sure why Montana needs to stay in its old fashioned corrupt ways like Steve Bullock Desperately wants our state to stay, but Rick Hill has sailed away with the Governor race in Montana in 2012.  Looks like those out of state attorneys no matter how badly they want their friend Steve Bullock in power, will not win the election on November 6, 2012.

While you are out voting for the next Montana governor, Rick Hill make sure to make Barrack Obama know how upset you were with the FBI, DEA and Steve Bullock's law enforcement violating our voter approved law for medical marijuana.  No matter how you feel about medical marijuana in Montana, it was passed by the voters, and will be approved again by Montana.

If state law cannot be upheld by Steve Bulock the Montana Attorney General, well, I guess we as voters in Montana can send him packing.

Before you go, here is another video which has been viewed by Montana voters.  It looks a lot like Steve Bullock, and the tactics are the same.  Bully and threaten those who pay your salary.

For more on Steve Bullocks threats and transgressions, google Recall Steve Bullock or Prosecute Steve Bullock.  For now, enjoy the video clip more than 80,000 viewers have seen (thats three times more than the Rick Hill Video).  Paybacks a bitch Steve Bullock.

Thats all for the Montana Governors race in 2012.  Steve Bullock will continue his practice as a private attorney, but will end his bid for national attention as Montana's Governor.  Perhaps Steve lost his way when he decided to use the public power for his own intimidation.

Whatever the case, he is now rightly out of the public eye, and public payroll.  Rick Hill has proven on the campaign trail that he is willing to work his hardest against the toughest problems that faces Montana.  One of them was the Fish Wildlife and Parks Department.  As a candidate, that was a brave stance.

Welcome to the Governors Mansion Mr. Hill.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Edgar J. Steele: the North Idaho Edgar J. Steele Story. Congressional Testimony: Cyndi Steele to Bill Windsor of Lawless America regarding Edgar Steele Idaho Attorney Framed by Idaho Corruption.

Cyndi Steele Congressional Testimony Regarding the North Idaho Edgar Steele Story.

".. web site directly addresses the arrest of Edgar J. Steele and his evolving legal battle regarding a “murder-for-hire plot” he is alleged to have undertaken.  Those involved with the content of this site have a keen interest in facts, truth, information gathering and – ultimately – the support and complete exoneration of Mr. Steele leading to a swift release from incarceration.

In the spirit of an America conceived as a Constitutional Republic, endowing free speech and fair, impartial justice upon its citizens, we must all rise from the sidelines to stand with, and for a fellow citizen.  Many believe the America of 2010 – the “great experiment in government” – has run its course and now has devolved into a megalomanical oligarchy, fearful of and abusive to citizens like Mr. Steele. "

Support of North Idaho's Edgar J. Steele

"The starting point of concern occurred on June 11, 2010 when Mr. Steele was arrested for suspicion of intent to arrange for the murder of his wife and mother-in-law.  Much of the current knowledge on this case has been gleaned from the print and broadcast media of north Idaho and eastern Washington state.  Aggressive negative bias against Mr. Steele is found in nearly every news report thus far issued. The reader is advised to take general media output with more than a grain of salt."

Source of Edgar J. Steele Information

".. a one-stop location for Edgar’s writings. If installment have been updated by him, they will be posted here. "

Edgar J. Steele definitive non-fiction work “Defensive Racism” is now available!  Please visit "

Free Edgar J. Steele Videos for More Information

Idaho Anti-Corruption - Free Edgar Steele

Idaho Free Speech.  Make a Stand Against Corruption in Idaho

Edgar Steele Interview

Free Edgar Steele, Click Here for More Information

Posted Here by
Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Monday, August 27, 2012

Prosecutor corruption: Pamela Games Neely

FYI--Steve Bullock Attorney General is running for Governor of Montana.  This is the prosecutor corruption blog.  We are re-posting this piece for William Alemar of West Virginia, whose prosecutor, as many others are doing in the United States are messing with US Constitutional rights.

Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely

[Publisher's note]  The prosecutor should look to the right part of the page.  That website was ordered down by the Prosecutor that was voted out of office later.  The people's voice can change your life.  We demoted our prosecutor from a $125,000 salary to private attorney at more than 50% cut.

An open Email to Prosecutor Neely: {she changed her address}

Dear Prosecutor Neely,

I am writing this to you with the resepect you dont deserve.
There are more than 425 signatures on William Alemar's behalf. A few weeks ago your courthouse witnessed more than 50 people gathered in support of William Alemar. When charges go from multiple felony to simple assault, you are to blame, and should be more than ashamed.
Ms. Neely, you have brought shame on Berkeley Co. WVA, and Martinsburg, WVA. Not to mention the nation.
My question is, most times it is an egotistical MALE prosecutor; Pamela you have proved that no matter the gender, a prosecutor can be dumb. I'm sorry, stupid.
While I do not know your support in your community,it should not support contunued public service. Ms. Neely, as soon as a prosecutor steps away from their oath, their career goes right with them.
While I am not aware of what two attorneys are planning behind closed doors to resolve this situation, please compare a few worried mothers to a few few million pissed off military moms. I believe one of them used to be your hairstylist.
The point standing here is the refusal to uphold a sworn oath. It appears that more than interpretation occurs, you redefine life as a prosecutor.
The power you have Ms. Neely is to uphold the law, not interpret it as you feel right, or outright defy it in Mr. Alemars case. Perhaps the real evaluation, and threat are prosecutors who disobey the people, and their sworn oaths to those people.
I am not only hoping that you learned a lesson, but that the decision that you made will destroy your career. Because it was your doing.
If you are respectful of the people's wishes, it requires resignation for the disgrace to the precepts of our Nation by way of William Alemar.
All the best for your future,
Mike Spreadbury.

The prosecutor in the William Alemar case of "you scared the crap out of my"

William Alemar went running, possibly intoxicated with all of his equipment for the National Guard in Martinsburg, West Virginia. While this blog network is pretty sure WVA is still in the union, Alemar was charged with a felony act of terror for running with his ORANGE tipped training rifle, or as many are calling it---the Aerosoft air rifle (and yes it has an Orange tip).
Pamela Games-Neely

"He terrified a community that was dropping off their children that day. That's where the charge starts. Now, where we go from here depends on what other information that we have out there - and we have been able to amass a significant amount - but the charge is correct based on what the public was experiencing at that moment," Games-Neely said.

If clowns frighten some people, and black cats, will we see Veternary clinics and insane asylums fill up? Pamela Games-Neely has made an oath, similar to the one William Alemar did: to defend the constitution. While Guardsman Alemar was training to do his duty to uphold the constitution, his prosecutor Ms. Games-Neely merely thinks raising your right hand to a Judge or other official is just waving HI.

The stuff that may or may have not been on William Alemar's person as he got arrested for terrorism charges in West Virginia.

as can be clearly seen from a far distance, and in this photograph, there is an ORANGE tip to this "training rifle" that William Alemar was running with. The fear from soccer mom's should not translate into criminal charges, other than DIP (drunk in public) if Mr. Alemar was in fact publicly intoxicated.

The Gender bias of the prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely is pretty apparent in this case. As the United States has been at war for over 10 years, and the use of Guard troops in combat a known issue, why then do we have a disconnect and fear in our population from military types preparing for their job?

If fearful women are the cause of police action, and criminal charges, perhaps lets lay off all of the law enforcement in the United States, and give black robes to the moms taking their kids to school. Fear is driving the show here, and it is the responsibility of prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely to stop the circus. Instead of stopping the fear circus, Ms. Neely decided to show her power to the planet.

That power went against her oath, and Ms. Pamela Games-Neely will lose the next election. Thats how unconstitutional prosecutors lose their careers. In the next election, the right to equal protection needs to be exercised for Mr. Alemar and removing Ms. Pamela Games-Neely from office.

In solidarity with William Alemar
this video shows how to maintain your air rifle.
If you run in Martinsburg, WV you might scare the women
even through you have a orange tip proving its harmless.

A Petition to free William Alemar on

A community can be terrified of a lot of things. Pamela Games-Neely decided to drop all reason, law, and constitutional rights in West Virginia. Once these things happen our society does not rest on its principles, but we become the Salem Witch Trials all over again.
We live in a society of natural laws, and Pamela Games Neely has decided that her own law is more important specific to her gender, ruling on fear.

The people of Martinsburg can drive the ultimate fear into Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely and remove her from her position, because she could not make it in the private sector as an attorney.

She doesnt know the law, or whats right.

As soon as William Alemar is free, is the beginning of the political end for Pamela Games Neely.
tell her how you are going to vote---that being out of office.

A public EMAIL for Prosecutor Pamela Games Neely: 
[she is too importtant to listen to the public, although paid by the public]

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steve Bullock John Walsh campaign

Steve Bullock, running for Governor of Montana in 2012 is our chief prosecutor.

The voters in Montana are not aware of how Steve Bullock abuses his role as public servant in Montana. This blog post will quickly give Montana voters a glimpse of how Steve Bullock works for his own power, not our protection.

Montana Election Comedy 2012: Bullock asks for help from Gov. Schweitzer:

Steve Bullock, as Montana Attorney General protected the unlawful act of a law student in Montana who did his dirty work, and the work for one of his employees, George Corn in Ravalli Co.

The Montana Law Student Angela Wetzsteon

Angela Wetzsteon, from Montana Law '08 practiced without a license Aug. 8, 2007. Wetzsteon practiced a case which violated the Defendants inalienable rights, and US Constitutional right to confront witness, and have speedy trial protections. Steve Bullock is better than US Constitutional rights.

In fact, Steve Bullock is better than the FBI (or in bed with them) for violating their #1 criminal priority: use of public funds to protect a felon: Angela Wetzsteon.  Your state funds in Montana.
[perjury, impersonation of state officer]

Steve Bullock violated Montana Ethics rule 5.5 for helping Wetzsteon practice law without a license or Montana Bar License.  Even Steve Bullock's bar license means nothing if he does not protect it.

Steve Bullock asked for a criminal culpability statement for the Lincoln Co. Recall for petitioning their government. This is violation of direct wording in the First Amendment and the Montana Constitution.  Steve Bullock is above the law, the constitution, and Montana ethics laws.

How Steve Bullock prosecutes:
and deals with the "problematic" public

Spreaking in public was also not protected. Without threat, Felony Intimidation charges filed by Steve Bullock's Attorney General Office.  As you'll see below in affidavit form, Steve Bullock did the actual threatening.  As hundreds have already viewed, please find a threat of speaking in public:

Steve Bullock rolled for the feds in their raid of Medical marijuana sites in Montana. A medical marijuana ballot initiative is on the ballot in 2012 and will the be downfall of Steve Bullock.  Steve Bullock has an ASTOUNDING 40 people show up in Missoula: do you wonder why Steve Bullock?

Up in Smoke: Steve Bullock for Governor:

The biggest Led Zeppelin for Steve Bullock as Montana Attorney General is the Zyprexa lawsuit he handled for the Attorney General office in 2007.  Note that Steve Bullock claimed he did not work for the Montana Attonrey General Office to try an avoid culpability for a threat to a Montana voter.  Chanllenge his County Prosecutor (George Corn) and loose your home, and your job from trumped up charges.  Note: Corn lost election, home was retained, reputation was not.
[ ]

The Montana Zyprexa lawsuit defrauded the victims of the judgment.  They were not mentally ill, and Steve Bullock made a "Mental Health trust fund" to benefit non-victims.  This public fraud by Steve Bullock Montana Governor candidate was $14 Million dollars.  Steve Bullock stole $3.5M for the Montana Attorney General/Dept. of Justice in Montana from US.

Here are 7 reasons (with links) why Steve Bullock John Walsh should not be elected in 2012.  For John Walsh, he engaged in electioneering by using his Montana Guard Troops for political reasons.  The photograph taken of the troops is unethical, and unlawful.

The SEVEN reasons Steve Bullock should see and end to his public life:

Unlawful entry by state and local enforcement officers
protected not prosecuted by Steve Bullock Montana Attorney General

Bullocks office claims no responsibility
for unlawful acts of Montana Law Enforcement.
[video translated into 9 languages---Good for Montana Tourism Steve Bullock?]

This information of Steve Bullock is the truth, and we as Montana voters must stop Steve Bullock in November 2012.  Not like it is a big threat, only 40 people showed up for his talk on education.  Perhaps that is due to Steve Bullock throwing educators under the bus like the Ennis Superintendent, then wanting our votes.  Steve Bullock should have thought about that one first.

Unless Steve Bullock is a psychopath.  Addicted to his power in Montana.
with Steve Bullock's demonstrated problems with public finds (Zyprexa, Angela Wetzsteon) do we really want a dangerous person as our Governor?

Affidavit of Steve Bullock's "public figure" behavior.

The Biggest Difference between Steve Bullock and Rick Hill is their public service.  Steve Bullock doesn't listen to the public, he controls them through fear and judicial system abuse.

Rick Hill has served Montana in the US Congress, and is listening to the peoples concerns about Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks....he is going to change the agency from top to bottom.  Steve Bullock looks the other way for FWP in Lake County, and uses them for his power plays over the Montana people (for political favors).

Steve Bullock has next to no signs in the Missoula or Hamilton area.  One of his signs is obscured by trees to where it is barely visible.  With few people turning out, let him FALL politically and not become governor, or anything else on a national scale...what a problem that would be!

Governor is just a stepping stone for Bullock.  Lets make sure the people make Steve Bullock very aware in Montana that his public life is OVER.

Please vote November 6, 2012 in Montana for Governor.  For Rick Hill.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zyprexa: Steve Bullock Eli LIlly - Who is Steve Bullock Montana Protecting? Vote NO on Steve Bullock for Governor. Steve Bullock for Montana Governor, Say NO.

"Steve Bullock took the makers of the drug Zyprexa, Eli Lilly to court for pressuring doctors in Montana to prescribe the medication outside of its tested, and approved parameters in 2007.    Why are physicians who did this misconduct not sanctioned by the Montana Attorney General?
[it due to certain people being protected in Montana--At Steve Bullock's choice]"

"The Drug manufacturer Eli-Lilly was the defendant in this case, who made this same mistake of pushing its anti-psychotic drug for other medical treatment.  See this blog post for more:"

"The whistle was blown long before Montana's 2007 suit; about Zyprexa, Steve Bullock merely jumped on the easy money train.  No Montana official expected anyone to uncover the fact Bullock stole millions in public money for his Attorney General Office in Montana with Mike McGrath, the 2007 Attorney General.  My previous site which published this information, was ordered down by Steve Bullock's prosecutor in Ravalli County: George Corn [].


In 2007 the Chicago Times said McGrath is guilty of the same crime Mike Nifong was: saying someone was guilty when the DNA proved innocence.  Mike Nifong went to jail, and was disbarred; Mike McGrath was elected chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court:

Steve Bullock made threat to livelihood, protected the unsupervised (and therefore in criminal contempt) law student Angela Wetzsteon with our public funds: instead of protecting the public.
Montana Supreme Court case DA-10-0492

Steve Bullock's secret: he uses public funds, and steals public funds (protect unlawful law student).

The threat to livelihood can be seen at "Recall Bullock" online or:

The biggest scam in Montana history is Steve Bullock.  He has no problem abusing public funds, stealing them, hiding the improper use of them, and NOT protecting the public.  The victims of the Zyprexa lawsuit did not get benefited from the mental health trust fund: they were not mental health patients.  Some did develop diabetes, and other complications.  

The Montana Zyprexa settlement with Eli Lilly was for $14M in 2007.  Bullock and McGrath took $4M for the Montnaa DOJ, and the Mental Health trust got $9M, although it is unclear how that actually helps Montanans now.  Montana Mental health has been without doctors, and Montana faces a shortage of Clinicians per cover stories from the Missoula Independent; so what is Steve Bullock's $9M trust fund benefiting, his unlawful campaign for Montana governor?  Who will investigate the $4M "court cost" for a cookie cutter copycat lawsuit?  Will the public see that Steve Bullock is all about money and power?

Here is Steve Bullock's pretext: He's not about the money, but uses the public's resources unlawfully.

Steve Bullock for Governor: fraudulent use of public funds: Zyprexa, Wetzsteon, un-declared Campaign.  Steve Bullock does not protect victims in Montana, he makes more of them.

Vote No on Steve Bullock November 2012.

[this post does not endorse a candidate, it exposes Steve Bullock]"

Source of Post

Say No to Steve Bullock for Montana Governor. Steve Bullock for Governor; NO Way Steve Bullock for Governor

Steve Bullock for Governor. No Way. Steve Bullock IGNORES the Fights of Montanans. Steve Bullock refuses to stand up to Montana Corruption.

Steve Bullock Refuses to investigate Montana Corruption and instead admits to a Conflict of Interest and washes his hands of it. Say No to Steve Bullock for Montana Governor